Milan Fashion Week Favourites

Whenever fashion week comes around I always like to keep an eye on it. Not in a obsessive must-watch-every-show kind of show way like my fashion school years, but more in a pick-and-choose/lazy kind of way. I’ve missed most of New York and London Fashion Week due to holidaying and holiday related activities, but as I’m back to everyday life where my computer once again plays a significant role, I have no real excuse for not keeping up with catwalk shows.

I’ve selected some of my favourite Milan Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear collections from fashion houses Antonio Marras, Missoni, Alberta Ferretti and Jil Sander for a quick review.

Antonio Marras bombards us with florals, stripes, ruffles and embroidery with heavy 50’s influences such as modern New Look cinched waists and full skirts accessorized with head scarves and gloves. Also present are 60’s beehive hairstyles and tule dresses all the way up to late 60’s embroidered denim. The show itself is worth mentioning as well as it featured actors, dancers, a marching band and an aerial performer. Just my kind of party.

I always look forward to knitwear brand Missoni’s show, as I’ve got a thing for knits. Angela Missoni never strays far away from the signature knit textures and colours, as a designer that knows what its clientele wants, but I enjoy looking at it anyway. This year being her 20th anniversary of taking over the creative direction from her parents, Angela threw a catwalk party with her model guests wearing psychedelic two-pieces, loose jumpsuits and capes topped of with elbow length gloves, corsages and massive straw hats. A show of hands would be helpful in deciding whether or not I can pull of one of those hats, anyone in favor?

Responsible for a large portion of my favourite looks every season is designer Alberta Ferretti, showing styles reminiscent of 90’s vibes this season with Greek goddess silhouettes, sequined dresses and her signature embellishments. A gorgeous colour palette and many airy floor length dresses make for many red carpet candidates. Personally, I’d go for the metallic blouse and trousers combo all day long.

Jil Sander’s newly appointed creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier presented tailored long silhouettes alongside more whimsical pieces. White flowy cotton shirt dresses opened their debut show followed by macram√© and soft organza smocked details. Blacks, whites and sands were complemented with the occasional pop of blue, green and yellow. My personal favourites were the delicate loosely knitted patchwork dresses and tops.