Left/Right Bucketfeet Shoe Release

Beginning of this year one of my pattern designs was selected by Bucketfeet to be printed on their slip-on shoes. Bucketfeet is an amazing company that licenses designs from a variety of artists and designers to be used on their shoes. The shoes are sold online and through Bucketfeet shops.

Initially my design was meant to be released in spring, but this was delayed since Bucketfeet was looking to adjust their manufacturing process to be able to print more designs from more artists. They have succeeded to build a new production and supply chain model and I’m pleased to say that my Left/Right shoe design is now finally available for purchase!

The design is inspired by 19th century English ceramic designs featuring a technique referred to as inlay. With inlaid earthenware contrasting colours of clay are inserted into the recesses of a carved out pattern. These ceramics are in turn a revival of Renaissance techniques and shapes.

If you are interested and based in the US, please use these affiliate links in combination with the code Missed30 for a 30% discount on my shoe design or on any of the other designs from the wonderful Bucketfeet artist community! For non-US residents, sadly Bucketfeet is temporarily only shipping within the US, I imagine until their shipping system has caught up with the new developments. I’ve been assured shipping outside the US will resume very soon. I will try to get a pair delivered in the US so that I can pick them up when I’m over as I am currently UK based, I’ll be sure to post some photos of them on my feet if I manage to do so!