The End of Fashion Week – Paris Highlights

Fashion Week has come to an end, but not before going out with a bang: Paris Fashion Week. Some of the most anticipated shows here dictate what will become trends for Spring/Summer 2018. It’s how fashion houses such as Chanel, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton show the world what’s on their mind, how they’ve chosen to react to it and how they’ve translated these ideas into wearable messages or more conceptual show pieces that reflect their vision. It’s also how high street companies such as Zara or H&M find their “inspiration” and subsequently expertly source the cheapest and fastest ways to translate these ideas to appeal to the largest audience possible and offering the results at bargain prices. But that’s another story…

Today I just want to talk about the wonders of Paris Fashion Week. Naturally, I’ve got my favourites that I’m happy to share with you here!

For his collection Giambattista Valli was inspired by the love affair between post-modernist painter Mario Schifano and writer and princess Nancy Ruspoli. Valli reflects the coming together of the worlds of these lovers with completely different backgrounds with pieces inspired by the painters wardrobe mixed with ultra feminine lingerie and lace items. The result is a show filled with chunky tops, button up jackets and cropped knitted vests but also delicate bralettes and a lot of voluminous but airy ruffles.

18th century baroque meets sport meets glam rock. If anyone can pull this off convincingly, it must be Nicolas Ghesquière. At Louis Vuitton he showed brocade coats that wouldn’t displease Marie Antoinette layered over sporty shorts with sneakers accessorized with the next waiting list handbags. And it somehow all works. The show took place in the recently opened Pavillon de l’Horloge (Clock Pavilion) at the Louvre which couldn’t be a more appropriate backdrop for a collection that marries the past with the present to make it look like the future.

From all that one could focus on these present days, Simone Rocha seems to focus on innocence more than anything else. Inspired by her childhood china dolls that are now finding a second life in the hands of her baby daughter, Rocha enchants us with her lace, embroidered dolls and flowers and signature ruffles. Her doll like models with their sweet dresses and mutton sleeved coats certainly wouldn’t like out of place in a Victorian fairytale.

Last but not least: Valentino. What can I say, I’m a Valentino girl. But in my humble opinion who doesn’t want to wear an orange velvet maxi dress? And if you can make a pair of zip off trousers look chique, you ARE my hero. Layered parka’s and metallic cropped trench coats are followed by romantic long embroidered and sequined dresses. The ultimate utility meets glam.

Press play on the video below to watch the entire Valentino Spring/Summer 2018 show.

Bravo Paris 💗 See you again in February !