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  • Work in Progress: Moon Phases

    I’m currently working on prints for the theme ‘mystical tribes’ for 4 weeks of pattern design organised by MIID Summer School. This week is all about magical symbols, cosmic worlds and all things mystical and super natural. I’ve been researching into vintage maps of the solar system, planets and stars and I’m excited to come […]

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  • Chelsea Physic Garden


    The nicer areas in London have some of the loveliest private gardens. Emphasis on private, meant only for the habitants of the surrounding buildings often accessible with a key only. But how lovely they are, looking in while realising you are at the wrong side of the gate. Or so I thought. I no longer […]

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  • New Work – Coconuts & Cocktails

    Beach in progress

    Give me a cocktail, a slice of watermelon and a pair of flip flops and I’m all set for spending a day (and possibly night) at the beach. Naturally these things would play a key role when a ‘summer inspired’ surface pattern design is required, which was the case in this design contest  I’ve set […]

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  • The Experience And Terminology Of Colour

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    Looking up at the sky, I can’t imagine describing it any other way than blue. Nor can I imagine not having a word to describe the colour of a bright cloudless sky or better said, having a word to describe it, but simultaneously using this word to also describe the colour of grass or lemons. […]

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  • Sketchbook Page

    Pattern design sketchbook

    Today I’m sharing another page from my sketchbook that I did yesterday. I’m having a lot of fun with it lately, improvising and just enjoying working on it without thinking about application. The left hand side page features some experimental mark making created with stamps and ink. The right hand side contains some simple shapes with a layout […]

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  • Kew Gardens


    Ever since I moved to London over four years ago, I’ve been entertaining the idea of visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens in West London known as Kew Gardens. How foolish I was to have waited this long and to essentially have robbed myself of experiencing the magnificence of Kew for the past few years. After barely […]