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  • Kew Gardens


    Ever since I moved to London over four years ago, I’ve been entertaining the idea of visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens in West London known as Kew Gardens. How foolish I was to have waited this long and to essentially have robbed myself of experiencing the magnificence of Kew for the past few years. After barely […]

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  • Good Enough is Good Enough

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    Another beautifully illustrated video by Alain de Botton’s The School of Life animated by Daniela Sherer. With a charming illustration style and endearing characters featuring in it, this video’s message is one most of us struggling with perfection need to be reminded of from time to time. “High ambitions are noble and important but there can also come […]

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  • Snapshot #3

    Embroidery art

    Quick snapshots of inspiration I encounter in daily life. Today: embroidery art in Dalston. To see more from the Snapshot series click here.

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  • New Totem Collection

    geometric pattern pillow

    I’ve been more and more enamoured with simple geometric patterns and prints. In line with this fascination I have been developing several geometric patterns. Totem is one of these patterns and is now available on a range of pretty pillows and a large selection of other products. If abstract geometric prints with circles, triangles and rectangles […]